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Parent's Feedback

  • “Palette of Colours” was an amazing experience shared by the children at such a young age and also the efforts put by all the teachers.. Children got to learn many things like self confidence, they learn to face the stage. Thankyou so much ma’am for making us also a part of this lovely show..
    Parent of Amayra Singh, Playgroup – Seedlings

    The presentation was amazing. Especially the efforts of kids , Teachers and the whole staff. Very Happy that my child is part of saplings International school under wonderful guidance. Thank you so much for your efforts and guidance.
    Parent of Tiara Malik, Prep – Bluebells

    It was very very nice. The function was very well organized. Kids performed really beautifully and confidently. The whole experience was overwhelming and encouraging our kids to motivate them to perform better in co- curricular activities along with studies.
    Parent of Ayaan Kapoor, Prep – Bluebells

    It was an amazing presentation of colours. Efforts of kids and teachers was effortlessly seen in all the acts. Kudos to entire team and our lovely kids. Happy to be part of it.
    Parent of Kiaan Bhatia, Prep – Bluebells

    Amazing setup and performances by all the kids. kudos to all the teachers and kids for their efforts and hardwork.
    Parent of Anika setia, Prep – Bluebells

    Beautiful & amazing set up & was an excellent & lovely performance by all the kids … credit goes to all teachers & kids.
    Parent Inaaya Raheja, Prep – Bluebells

    Beautiful pictures all kids perform very well…. Special thanks to you Suruchi ma’am for your efforts.
    Parent of Krishiv Gupta, Prep – Bluebells

    I am Aarti longani mother of Ridhi Longani. She is in playgroup.
    Today function “The Pallette of Colours” was amazing. Heartthrob performances by the students. Hats off to the teachers who takes so much pain..put so much efforts and hardwork..its really a task to prepare small children for the performance. The creativity of the teachers to prepare the background for each performance is really appreciable. Overall function was overwhelming. Congratulations saplings for the success of the function. I wish you all the best for tomorrow and future ahead.
    Parent of Ridhi Longani, Playgroup – Seedlings

    Hi Ma’am
    Thank you for letting us experience an overwhelming performance of all the students. The kids performed gracefully and confidently. It was indeed a real “showtime” event. Great support and encouragement for all the teachers, Principal, school staff and management for making it a great success.
    Special Thank you note for giving kids so much love and Warmth !!
    Parent of Ziva Bhasin, Playgroup – Seedlings

    To each and every participant, I was so impressed by your beautiful performance and serious dedication to what you were doing. It’s amazing to me that so many started at a young age and have stuck with it. Truly impressive. I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks for your wonderfully rich and highly engaging performance. You put your heart and soul into the dance. Very gifted, well done!
    It’s all because of you teachers, I have seen during the presentation you all were also dancing with them.
    I really appreciate your dedication and hard work and I know that my child has learned a lot from you this year, and I sincerely thank you for all the extra effort you put in to help my child grow and learn.
    Thank you for making a difference in my child’s life.
    Parent of Siaena Gandhi, Playgroup – Seedlings

    Thank you so much mam!!! For making samaira star of school today.
    Parent of Samaira Sharma, Grade I – Acaiberry

    Thank you so much mam for such an incredible show. Her mamu was amazed to see her so confidently dancing on stage. All the effort and hardwork you have put in kids is commendable. Thank you so so much
    Parent of Yashvuryaa Bharani, Prep – Carnation

    Spectacular performance by kids . we just loved the way whole stage Decor was done. Seriously amazed to watch my lil one’s transformation. Looking forward to see many more .
    Parent of Aadvik Yadav, Playgroup Seedlings

    The whole show therein was really outstanding and left us spell-bound in awe & admiration for all the hard work put forth by both the teachers & students! Kudos and a big shoutout to all participants! We really enjoyed a lot.
    Parent of Vihaan Joshi, Prep – Carnation

    Congratulations Ma’am & the Saplings team…. Great show, amazing performances and a cheerful experience. Thank you for such lovely moments….
    Parent of Harshill Jain, Prep – Carnation

    Thanks to all the efforts you have put in kids for performing the fantabulous show today!!! Truly amazing…. It was such a colourful performance of our class.
    Hats off to all the work you all have put in.
    Parent of Vihaan Shridhar, Grade I – Cranberry

    Congratulations maam,
    It was an outstanding performance by all the kids.. it was really a proud moment for all the parents and we literally had tears in our eyes watching them..
    Parent of Parisatya Verma, Grade I – Acaiberry

    Palette of Colours was a success. Kids were enjoying their performances, Teacher’s have put forward their best. In all very well conducted. Backdrops were Amazing ….looking forward for many other functions.
    Parent of Ritvik Garg, Prep – Bluebells

    It is superb, overwhelming seeing our kids on stage performing!! Really happy, keep organizing such events more and more!!
    Parent of Nitara Jindal, Prep – Bluebells

    Happy to see our kids on stage, it was an amazing performance. Great event.. waiting for the next event Credit goes to you. Thank you ma’am!
    Parent of Krishiv Gupta, Prep – Bluebells

    Ma’am it was a great program. Kudos to the efforts of the teachers. It was all smiles throughout the program. Incredible job!
    Parent of Harshil Jain, Prep – Carnation

    So overwhelmed seeing our kids on stage. Such a great event, waiting for another event to arrive. The credit is truly yours ma’am.
    Parent of Saurish Manchanda , Prep – Bluebells

    I was mesmerized to see little kids performing so well. The hard work done by your team is praise worthy!
    Parent of Diya Aggarwal , Prep – Bluebells

    It was a great show ma’am. Thank you so much for giving kids such a platform. The hardwork of all the teachers could be seen. We appreciate the exclusive team work of saplings for such a well scripted play, backdrops and artwork were beautiful and it was all very well coordinated. The sprinkle and flower showers looked mesmerizing. The last dance performance of the kids made us all tap our feet. I feel so proud of our children and the school. Thank you so much for considering Yashvuryaa for the narration. These acts will make her a confident orator one day.Full of Gratitude.Loads of love and respect.
    Parent of Yashvuryaa, Prep – Carnation

    I saw, it was great, all asked me is he your son my eyes got teary it was his first play. Heartly thanks from my side to choose him for such a good role.
    Parent of Vihaan Sharma, Prep – Carnation

    Thanks to all teachers as well for doing such efforts and making our kids more confident.
    Parent of Gurseerat Kaur, Prep – Carnation

    The event was very well executed. Great work by all the respected teachers. The backdrops were also fabulous.
    Parent of Yuvaan Bansal, Prep – Carnation

    Great efforts and great hard work by all teachers. Thank you ma’am.
    Parent of Kiaara Gaba, Grade IV – Awesome Spring

    Ramayana function was awesome, the credit goes to all the teachers for their efforts. It was overwhelming.
    Parent of Ridhi Longani :- Playgroup Seedlings

    It was a fab show, Magical! All the setups and props costumes were up to the mark. Extreme hard work seen behind it. Much much appreciated!
    Parent of Kayra Gupta, Grade II – Amethyst Purple

    The Ramayana done by children was very good… the best part of this epic is the creativity of you all can’t imagine..hats off to you all.Happy Diwali!
    Parent of Bhavy Khandelwal, Grade II – Amethyst Purple

    Thanks for motivating our kids to learn more things and come out of their comfort zone. We had a great time attending the Diwali celebration. It was lovely watching Navya and other kids performing so well. Thanks for putting so much effort into the kids. Helping them understand our mythology through the Ramayana role play. I am confident that Navya is learning something new everyday under your guidance. Thanks for giving the opportunity and motivating kids. This means a lot to us.
    Parent of Navya Shridhar, Nursery Apple

    Ma’am … kudos to all urs and ur team’s efforts. I can understand the pains taken. So thanks for making him a part of the play.
    Parents of Aadit Gulati, Grade II – Blue Sapphire

    Thanks for giving him the opportunity. Also, mam, I congratulate all the teachers for putting up such a great show. I had goosebumps while Ravana and Shiva danced. Everything including the props, Anchoring was great, and truly professional.
    Parents of Aaric Bhandari, Grade II – Blue Sapphire

    Congratulations to you for today’s wonderful event Mam. We are very thankful to you for your tremendous efforts and amazing, awesome show. Children were made to do so well.
    Parents of Madhur Aggarwal, Grade II – Blue Sapphire

    Really appreciate your efforts too. Thank u so much for giving personal attention to each and every child. Kimaya is blessed to have you as her mentor.
    Parents of Kimaya Khullar, Grade II – Blue Sapphire

    Ramayana’s experience was really amazing. I am really obliged to you as a Parent for your support and motivation for the students. Highly appreciable and commendable efforts by the teachers.
    Aayra Mohla, Grade I – Blueberry

    Kids really performed very well, the hardwork of the kids as well as teachers was visible.
    Parent of Ridaan Wason, Grade III – Achievers

    Stupendous performance by the kids.Great efforts by the teachers in making the children learn all the steps.Very well organised event.
    Parent of Aaradhya Aggarwal, Grade III – Achievers

    Hats off to the designer of stage, script and director. All the background score, audios and music were well in sync. Superb performances and what a treat to experience it live. Really many many thanks for inviting us. SAPLINGS ROCKED TODAY!
    Parent of Shaurya Singal and Sheril Singal, Grade III – Achievers

    Super amazing event, children and teachers’ hard work was truly visible and loved the event.
    Parent of Bhudhav Bhasin, Grade III – Achievers

    Superb performance by kids! Great efforts by the teachers. Well organised, loved it!
    Parent of Mehar Arora, Grade III – Achievers

    Great and appreciable performance by the teachers and kids…their hard work was visible…. Everything was superb
    Parent of Prithvi Moolani, Grade III – Achievers

    It was entertaining, educative and enthralling.
    Parent of Jaisvi Dhamija, Grade III – Achievers

    Amazing performance by kids!!! Adore the music and dramatization of Epic Ramayan !! The special effects or music calls for a big round of applause. Hats off to teachers for making kids learn about our culture via such skills.
    Parent of Gauransh Khurana, Grade III – Achievers

    It was very nice performance from the children and presentation the way children r acting the way of speaking all the efforts goes to all the teachers who had taken so much pain for the children
    Mother of Jasnoor Kaur, Grade II – Amethyst Purple